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Who Am I?

I am Ahmed BENCHERQUI, Moroccan, born in 1964, married and residing in Casablanca, Morocco.
I have a graduate degree in computer science.
My passion has always been the development of intelligent IT solutions!
In my field, I have many years of experience.

Why BNC Market?

In the beginning, I participated in some Investment Programs but without benefiting anything from it.
I decided afterward to invest directly via Brokers. I noticed that it would be simpler to use an Expert Advisor.
I tried to look for a good EA. Unfortunately, no EA convinced me!
While pursuing my searches I found on the Net an advice: "if you want a good Expert Advisor, you have to conceive it and develop it yourself !"
At that time, I was an Information Technology Developer, I had the idea to produce my own Robot.
Right now, I am a specialist in the design and development of software systems for trading currencies in Forex.

So far, I have developed two Expert Advisors: Forex Trading Systems.
- MBF Robot "My Best Forex Robot" and
- BNC Robot "BENCHERQUI Robot"
Soon, Scripts will be on sale!
Hence the foundation of the market: BENCHERQUI Market .

Why Automated Trading Robot?

Automated trading robot known as expert advisor is capable of carrying out deals on traders behalf in the Forex market. The capacity of EA to quickly and accurately execute trades while analyzing market conditions is one of the key benefits of utilizing it. For traders who do not have the time or experience to continuously watch the market, this can be especially helpful.
EA can also remove human emotions from trading decisions, which frequently result in expensive errors.
It's crucial to remember that EAs are not infallible and that unanticipated events and market volatility might have an impact on their performance.
In order to make sure traders should proceed with caution and closely observe the performance of our EAs via Demo Version.