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The distinction between closing an application and quitting it

It's critical to comprehend the differences between closing an application and quitting one:

Closing an Application Window

When you close a window in an application, you are only shutting that particular window; the application itself continues to operate in the background. The application remains open and accessible through the Dock or application switcher even after this action terminates it completely. It is possible to lose data or unsaved changes when an application is closed without saving or without providing the appropriate warnings. To prevent data loss, it is always advisable to save your work before exiting an application.

Quitting an Application

As opposed, quitting an application entails shutting down every window connected to it as well as the application itself. System resources like memory and processing power are released, and if you're using a laptop, battery life is preserved.


To sum up, quitting an application frees up system resources by closing down the entire program and all of its related windows, whereas closing an application window only hides that particular window from view.

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